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visualization technology

visio terminal

The visio terminals are mostly suited for simple operations and observations. The terminals receive the information to the display from a combo control Master and activate tasks in the controller through dedicated keys or touch screen.

The project is stored in the combo control Master. You can attach up four terminals simultaneously to the master.

The HMI-screens are created in the development tool eStudio and can access all HMI-functions.

In addition, the terminals also can operate with external terminals.


visio control

This operating solution is more than a HMI or operator interface.

It consists of an industrial controller, PLC according to the IEC 61131-3 and a HMI that manages control and monitoring functions. The product family is capable of handling the most complex and demanding automation applications.

Due to the use of powerful Intel processors and the operating system Windows CE, the user can use from additional features like Web browser, audio functions, PDF reader etc. plus additional interfaces.

The PLC has a high performance and is very powerful solving tasks in the most demanding and fast processes.

The individual HMI solutions are created in the programming tool eStudio.

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