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Product & Solutions

We manage your success.
elrest, your system provider

Scalable from the space-saving machinery up to control large systems with distributed intelligence.

The innovative solutions are especially in price and performance plus in case of candidness for mass production suited.

The solution center in different industrial sectors has already been proved in numerous applications and experience for many years worldwide. 

Decade-long know-how and system partnership with leading suppliers of automation can make this success possible.

Regardless of a company-owned corporate design is cultivated or our customer requires a special factory design, our products are the business card of each factory.
With a lot of tact, harmonic and ergonomic designs of the front panels plus highest usability in software results. Our customers can already define their own corporate design from humble units.

We have a complete integrated and scalable product portfolio and advocate our core competence in the range of: regulation, control, visualization and communication.
We deliver complete solutions for the automation from one source.

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