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EMS - electronic manufactoring service

The production site Kirchheim/Teck guarantees by providing flexible electronic manufactoring and assembling a high level on reliability and efficiency.

elrest offers as an EMS,"quality from the very beginning", a full service already from the material selection and procurement up to the finished product. Individually for smaller and larger series, elrest can respond on special needs and requirements in all production stages to our customers in order to ensure their quality.

The elrest production includes the following ser

  • Material management on a qualified and globally active manufacturer and distributor network.

  • Fully automtic assembly (SMT/THT), processing of a wide rangeof different forms (magazine, rods, belts from 0402, BGA, QFP).

  • Reflow- and/or selective soldering (RoHS- conform).

  • Manufactoring in accordance with IPC-A-610 class 2.

  • Rework jobs

  • Assembling and final assembly of electronics.

  • Optical inspection (AOI), boudary scan and functional checks.

  • Detailed test in the climatic chamber, commissioning and a complete function test.

  • Optimal quality assurance through a variety test procedure.

All production processes are certified according to DIN  EN ISO 9001 and correspond to the quality specification according IPC-A-610 class 2.

In order to secure and improve sustainably the high quality, all products proceed several verifications accordingly test procedures like boundary scan, AOI, functions-, climate- and endurance tests before the dispatch. Also electronic components wil be checked on funktion and tolerance before processing.

elrest always pursued innovative trends in the field of electronics production, o that in the last few years in technologically latest, fully automated production lines like SMT/THT/AOI has been invested.

The existing prodction area could be doubled by the acquisition of industrial land in the year 2011. The gained space offers an area for further fully automatic assembly lines. This enables elrest an enormous capacity and thus an increased sales volume.





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