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Company History

  • 1963 Establishment of elrest by Franz Schauer
  • 1991 Development of the first modular control with plain-language Top
  • 1992 Development of a regulatory system based on fieldbus
  • 1994 Presentation of a programming tool as a development environment for user-fieldbus devices (Distributed Peripherals) in high-level language
  • 1995 Establishment of the company Betec as “EMS Electronic Manufacturing Service Provider "with fully automatic high-tech manufacturing
  • 1996 Development of visualization products for the field, cell and control level
  • 1997 Development of a graphical programming system for HMI and MSR devices
  • 1998 First presentation of the integrated fieldbus system "ElaCAN" and its decentralized peripheral devices, the development tools and network support at the SPS / IPC / Drives in Nuremberg
  • 1999 Establishment of the company SYSTEC with the principle focus of research and system development for elrest and the free market
  • 2000 Start of a strategic marketing concept within Germany, based on the closed product ElaCAN II system with the tool ElaGRAPH II
  • 2007 Establishment of a company in Austria
  • 2009 Minority holding of WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG
  • 2012 Expansion of the production area in Kirchheim/Teck
  • 2015 WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG purchase further shares from elrest
  • 2016 eVISIO "Elegant shape with plenty of power"
  • 2017eROBUSTO "It packs a punch"
  • 2019 eDESIGN "Easy, modern HTML visualization"
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